The Original Dry Bilge Vacuum System


Leaving Your Bilges 100% Dusty Dry!
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Our Systems Vacuum Your Bilges 100% Dusty Dry

The Original Dry Bilge Vacuum Systems


Leaving Your Bilges 100% Dusty Dry!
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Our Systems Vacuum Your Bilges 100% Dusty Dry

We provide products that automatically maintain a clean, dry bilge, improving the onboard environment while simultaneously protecting the surrounding marine habitat from harmful discharge.

How does it work...

Bilge pumps are cheap and very effective for quickly removing a large volume of bilge water. Kind of like an Arnold Schwarzenegger solution to a very small problem, as the vast majority of boats pocket very small amounts of water at several different locations.

Why Do I Need

Some of life’s realities simply have to be accepted. Grandpa’s boat had it, Dad’s boat had it, too: just a little bit of harmless-looking bilge water in the deep, and most often impossible to reach compartments down below. They call it a “vessel”, because it holds some water and we’ve been told to keep a lid on it.

In The Beginning

Many of the great companies of today had humble beginnings in a basement or a two car garage with little more than an idea that was “outside the box”. Our founder, Al Baurley, is no exception, having worked in the marine industry in South Florida for a number of years.

Arid Bilge is a central vacuum system that automatically and effortlessly maintains bilge compartments throughout the vessel 100% dusty dry.

Arid Bilge is automatic, reliable, flexible, and best of all, it really works.
You will notice the Arid Bilge difference within 24 hours of installation.

– Eliminate the #1 source of on board odors

– Lower on board humidity and prevent condensation damage

– Find small leaks that now leave trails through a dry bilge

– Stop mold and mildew before it starts to grow

– Enhance the vessel’s resale value

– Available in 4 different models with 1 to 11 intake zone versions

– Optional oily bilge water separators 

– Optional oil in bilge water alarm systems


Trusted By

“Arid Bilge just came naturally. It can be modulated, with a component over there, a piece here and a piece there. It’s flexible. Arid Bilge is instrumental and a great alternative.”


Captain, M/Y Cortina