Arid Bilge Systems Series 2 – Choose 2 or 3 Intakes


Arid Bilge is a central vacuum system that automatically and effortlessly maintains bilge compartments throughout the vessel 100% dusty dry

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Arid Bilge Series 2

Series 2 units are available in 12 or 24 volt DC versions with two or three intake ports and standard solenoid intake valves or the premium lower maintenance pinch valves.

Arid Bilge is automatic, reliable, flexible, and best of all, it really works.
-Eliminate the #1 source of on board odors
-Lower on board humidity and prevent condensation damage
-Find small leaks that now leave trails through a dry bilge
-Stop mold and mildew before it starts to grow
-Enhance the vessel’s resale value
-Available with 2 or 3 independently controlled intake ports (zones)

You will notice the Arid Bilge difference within 24 hours of installation.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Box width

5.75 inches / 14.5 centimeters


7 inches / 17.5 centimeters

Box dry weight

8 pounds / 3.75 kilograms

Intake tubing

5/32” Polyethylene tubing, 100 feet provided

Unit Maximum Expected Flow Rate

3.5 US gallons / 14 liters per hour

Power draw

0.07 amp (70 milliamps) average standby draw, 0.7 amp average run draw @ 12 volt DC w/ 1 active zone


This unit meets USCG 33CFR 183.410 ignition protection

Discharge port

Single point discharge port – 1/2" barbed fitting.


PLC Direct Logic 05 Koyo D0-05 processor, software proprietary.

Compressor / vacuum pump

Schwarzer Precision

Main unit material

Air injected white PVC plastic

Limited warranty

One year parts and labor.

Intakes Valves

Standard Solenoid Valves, Lower Maintenuance Pinch Valves

Bilge pickup options

Mini Standard (most popular) for flat bottoms, offset for a light V bottom, wand for a
sharper V bottom. One pickup of your choice is included for each zone plus one spare.

Zones Type

Zones 2 or 3 independently controlled intakes


Choose 12 or 24 volt DC version