Why Do I Need

The Arid Bilge System


Some of life’s realities simply have to be accepted. Grandpa’s boat had it, Dad’s boat had it, too: just a little bit of harmless looking bilge water in the deep, and most often impossible to reach compartments down below. They call it a “vessel”, because it holds some water and we’ve been told to get over it.

But what if that residual, pesky bilge water was actually not at all harmless? For today’s bilges, a New Normal comes to the rescue, to be evidenced below.

Unlike a car or truck that’s open at the bottom, a boat’s hull needs to be well sealed. This keeps water from leaking in, but it also retains water that finds its way in from hatches, access panels and doors. Water often escapes from old fittings, it dribbles from deteriorated hoses, it trickles from packing glands, oozes from prop and rudder shafts and drizzles into the bilge courtesy of your boat’s A/C condensation. Worse yet, and relentless: Humidity entering the boat’s compartments, once cooled by that aforementioned air conditioner (or by cooler outside temperatures), usually ends up as condensed water in the bilge as well. Sigh.

Once the bilge water rises high enough, the bilge pump will (unless it’s fouled up) come on, keeping the bulk of the water out, however, it can never grab that last bit of H2O and therein lays the problem.

Bilge pumps are generally well designed for high water flow. Their main function is to maintain vessel trim, and to buy additional floatation time, should the boat be in danger of sinking. Not something you’d want to venture out to sea without. Bilge pumps are a very important piece of safety equipment.

But what about the normal day aboard your boat. There is most likely some vile, stagnant water in the bilge, as evidenced by that mature vessel odor that permeates everything, even wiping out any ‘new-boat-smell’ in no time. There is probably some plant- or bacterial life growing in that standing bilge water under your salon. Yuck! The real problem, on top of that, is the condensation cycle: During daytime hours, sun radiates heat through the decks and hull of your boat, resulting in a rise of temperature inside the vessel’s poorly vented bilge areas. The warmer air accelerates the evaporation of stagnant bilge water, and it will also absorb more evaporated water than cooler air can. Later in the day, after the sun has set, the air aboard starts to cool. Dew point is reached when saturated air can no longer hold all that evaporated, previously absorbed water. Once dew point is passed, little droplets start to condense everywhere: on your motors and pumps, a fine mist is caking electrical wiring, panels and bulkheads, nothing is immune. Those tiny drops of condensed water, combined with that festering, botanical growth down below, promote mildew build-up in all locations aboard: above in the stateroom, in the salon on the second deck, in the galley as well as down yonder on those hard-to-reach surfaces. Furthermore, that condensation not only causes paint to flake, engines to rust, fuel/water tanks to corrode and electrical connections to fail. Unfortunately, that wicked moisture even finds its way into the gimbal bearings of the ARG or Seakeeper gyro stabilizer systems, and into the electric bow/stern thruster motors.

Everything that is exposed to that daily vicious condensation cycle becomes less reliable, as it ages more rapidly. Warranty repairs, followed by repairs out-of-warranty start to haunt the boat owner.

Enter Arid Bilge! This ingenious piece of equipment is the right tool for the job to end the condensation cycle, once and for all.

Forget the wet vac and other labor-intensive, cheap Band-Aid “solutions”. Get rid of your turkey-baster, that dehumidifier, the Golden Rod, Kanberra gel or any other bilge-cleaners that you may have invested in. No more Clorox or ozone machines, no need to run the boat’s high-energy-consuming A/C in the futile attempt to remove excess moisture from the air, while no one is aboard.

Arid Bilge, a vacuum-based drier system, takes away all of those headaches. Indeed, like the common wet vac from Sears, this mind-boggling answer to end these problems that drove you nuts, sucks away all of the bilge water, with the help of its clever, small, weighted, filtered pads. These cool little suckers are even able to reach the most remote water-ridden compartments.

Every three hours, the Arid Bilge System turns itself on automatically, performing its magic, like a super reliable maintenance worker you thought you’d never have. The system is fully automatic, multi-ported and microprocessor-driven. Once installed and powered up, you will be rewarded with the New Normal: insanely dry bilges with zero plant life, no condensation damage, and healthy air to breathe.

Source of mildew? Gone. Odor? Removed at the source. Decaying electrical components, rusty engine parts, corroded fuel/water tanks and keel bolts, pitted panels, rotting planks? No more! Oily discharge? Now you’re having a handle on the situation: in a dry bilge, any trace of oil will leave a trail leading back to the source, enabling you to locate and fix the problem before it ruins your vacation. Kind regards from Mother Nature (and your wallet, too), as an oily discharge can thus be prevented. If oil is a recurring reality in your bilge, please check out our Eco Friendly Discharge Companion – Oily Water Separators.

As you’re no longer dealing with that yucky standing lake down below thanks to your Arid Bilge System, you’ll also finally be able to locate the source of many leak(s) that may have driven you crazy, as the origin of that seepage had been impossible to trace in pre-Arid Bilge times.

Your existing bilge pump is now also a happy camper: It is no longer festering away in that pesky, rusty puddle (which had you thinking, worried, if that bilge pump, surrounded by filth, would actually really work? – if you had an emergency). With Arid Bilge, your regular bilge pump’s float switch and its wiring are now sitting high and dry, and will be reliable in case of dire need.

Arid Bilge is a true game changer that will provide you with a real bang for the buck. Many of the boat builders that trust us, installing Arid Bilge Systems aboard their new builds, are realizing that our system helps their bottom line: many of their warranty claims no longer occur, saving them 3 to 5 times their initial investment. Arid Bilge also enhances the reliability of the vessel, and it helps to maintain a better resale value in the long run.

Arid Bilge is awesome, because: it sucks!